Amusement park Overijssel

We offer a unique all-in park formula, so you can not only enjoy all the attractions and play equipment, but also enjoy unlimited fruit, sandwiches, fries, snacks, sauces, soup of the day, coffee, tea, lemonade and ice cream.

All this for a fixed low price of € 17.50 p.p.  In the park you can make unlimited use of the attractions and the food and drinks. You know in advance what you have lost for the day and the wallet does not have to be pulled again. If you would like something extra, in our souvenir shop we sell soft drinks, sweets, toys and merchandise from our mascots. Inexpensive, simply enjoying a complete day of amusement park Overijssel De Waarbeek including playing, eating and drinking. De Waarbeek is well-arranged but packed with attractions, entertainment, playgrounds, etc.

Would you like to visit our amusement park with a group, such as a school trip, family day, group outing or children’s party? We have put together attractive and affordable offers for you! De Waarbeek is the ideal location for the most enjoyable group outing due to the clarity of the park and the versatile range of attractions! There is a whole day of fun for young and old with our new trendy attractions or our nostalgic attractions.

In 2023, all inclusive park de Waarbeek has existed for 99 years and has been transformed into a true amusement park. All in amusement park De Waarbeek has added a wide variety of attractions over the years, such as: the bumper cars, the Hully Gully, the Bungee and the Toffe Twister. For the little ones there are the Lazy Pumpkin, the Duck Carousel and the Rail Train. And this attraction offer continues to expand! De Waarbeek in Hengelo is the amusement park in Overijssel

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