Looking for a group outing for your association, family or friends or other groups? This is possible at amusement park de Waarbeek and of course including our all-in formula: Play all day and enjoy with the group of: Fresh fruit, sandwiches, fries, various snacks, fresh soup of the day, coffee, tea, lemonade and ice cream!

Are you organizing a school trip or children’s party? Then take a look at these pages specifically for school trips or children’s parties.

Group activity
Especially for groups of 20 people or more, we use the price of € 16.50 p.p. This includes our all inclusive formula. Unlimited play, food and drinks for a fixed low price (€16.50 group price). You can enjoy unlimited fruit, sandwiches, fries, snacks, sauces, soup of the day, coffee, tea, lemonade and water ice all day long. So come and enjoy unlimited fun with the whole group at Amusement Park De Waarbeek.

To reserve
Reservations for a group visit are not required, but are preferred.
If you want to use the group rate, the total amount must be paid in one go. Unfortunately, splitting the payment is not possible.

Payment is only possible by pin/cash at the checkout.

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