Enjoy Food Circus extra all-inclusive on September 9 & 10!

On September 9 & 10, a visit to the amusement park is extra all-inclusive!

In addition to the standard offer, you can also enjoy unlimited burgers, churros, cotton candy, popcorn, special fries and much more on this day!

Entrance including food and drinks online for only € 18.50 p.p.

Our all inclusive formula. Playing, eating and drinking For a fixed low price

you can enjoy unlimited sandwiches, fries, snacks, sauces, soup of the day, coffee, tea, lemonade and ice cream all day long!

De Waarbeek Hengelo is also a great place for a school trip and children’s party!

We have a beautiful amusement park in Hengelo for groups. located between Hengelo and Enschede. Arranging a group outing is often a ‘hassle’, but not with us. Groups from 20 people enjoy a group discount and the all-in formula, so you have everything arranged in one go. You can now relax with the class on a school trip. Or enjoy an unforgettable children’s party/family day? And of course also just all inclusive so you know exactly what the costs are!

In the middle of Twente, close to the A1.

We are very easy to reach. The A1 is a few kilometers from our park. Travel times from Oldenzaal, Almelo, Enschede are approximately 15 minutes. From the Other major cities in our area Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Zwolle +- 45 min. But we are also very easy to reach from Germany. Are you environmentally conscious and do you come by bike? We have enough storage space for your bicycle. We are also easily accessible by bicycle or public transport via the Hengelo railway station. Check 9292ov for the timetable. There are also various accommodation options in the vicinity of our park. This way you can combine your day at Waarbeek with many other fun activities in Twente.

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